Top 10 Tips for Beginners Yogis- myhealth100 Yoga?

Top 10 Tips for Beginners Yogis- myhealth100 Yoga 

1. You accept a start.

Learning to play instruments, driving cars and even cooking cakes are all things we can accept initially when we start, so when it comes to beginning yoga, remember that it is ok to start is. If you feel discouraged that your hip is still tight after a few classes, or you are still confused about the asana after one month, then remember that you are in the beginning, and just like a tool tuning It takes time to tuning the body.

2. move slowly.

There are a lot of fast-paced, fitness-based yoga classes, which are great for a spirit of uplifting mind and strength, but if you are not familiar with currencies and infections, they can also cause injury. Be patient for the first few weeks of practice, and choose such classes which are slightly slow so that you can hold the mat with alignment and movements. It is even better to book one to two sessions with a local teacher.

3. Breathe.

It may seem silly that you have forgotten to breathe, but all of us do it. If you find yourself in a challenging size or particularly difficult balance currency, then remind yourself to breathe! When we breathe in an equal and relaxed, we send a message to the body and mind that everything is fine, and it helps in reducing the level of stress, and enhances the feeling of well-being. If you do not remember yourself to breathe, then your yoga teacher will do!

4. Get a suitable mat!.

Talking about the movements on the mat, this rather practical tip can save you from sliding and sliding too much: Get a yoga mat that does not slip your hands and feet, should avoid hand cream before the class, and one Select the mat is not too thick or squishy. Believe me, all these things will help you to be more confident and focused during your yoga practice!

5. Expected Release.

Within the Yog texts, issuing expectations is something that is taught to us repeatedly. When we focus on the outcome of only one situation, then we deny ourselves the ability to actually exist and completely in the moment. The result of any practice, result or achievement is not something we have control - so let's be good in Yoga, and focus on that time when you are right now.

6. Forget the pictures, focus on you.

It is easy to catch the assumption that you have to squeeze yourself in a shape or perform a somersault during a yoga class, especially when there are lots of images on the social media such as the pretzels-like figures and the handstands displaying this idea . Although the thing is that everyone is different, and everyone comes in yoga for a different reason. To practice yoga, one 'one size is not fit at all, and it is definitely not about what it can do to your body. Forget about the pictures or assumptions of the yoga seen earlier; Your Yoga is about you.

7. Remember: How do you do a job, how do you do everything.

It is a subtle yet attractive part of yoga, and can help to develop awareness of body-mind in a powerful way. If you humble your shoulders in your yoga class, then you probably do this in everyday life. If you stop your breath or grind your teeth, you probably do this even in daily life. All these small actions send strained messages to the body and mind, so note and see if you can work on both of them on the mat.

8. Focus on your foundation.

Whether your hands or feet are holding you in a pose, the foundation of your body is incredibly important. Like the foundation of a house, the entire structure depends on it, so keep in mind how to keep your hands and legs. Spread your fingers and toes to make a base, and listen to those little signs from your teacher.

9. Caring for Your Core.

A strong core not only helps you to feel more powerful, it can make your yoga practice easier and more enjoyable too. As the center of the body, the core is involved in almost every movement that we make. The stronger your core is, the less likely it is to hurt you, and the more you stop thinking how much your body is shaking, and start focusing instead of calming your mind.

10. Take it with you.

A yoga practice is not something that we can do only on the mat - it is a process that runs throughout life. The inherent temperamility, breath, confidence, power, release of expectations, focus and presence in our every yoga class can be translated into everyday life, which means that we benefit from yoga throughout the day, and those benefits Passes. We also interact with everyone!
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